7 Fun Summer Photo Ideas

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Summer Photo Ideas

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, and people are ready to take those perfect summer pics. If you are looking for fun summer photo ideas, you are in the right place! I’ve put together 7 summer photo ideas to help you push your creativity and capture all of your summer memories!

Taking great summer photos requires creativity, planning, and technical skills. Check out these 7 summer photos ideas to help you capture beautiful summer photos:

Fun Photo Ideas

Use Natural Light

Take advantage of the long summer days and shoot during the golden hours, the first and last hours of sunlight. Shooting during golden will give your photos a warm, soft glow that is perfect for summer.

Find a field of flowers and practice shooting during the golden hour light or turn on the sprinkler and capture the bokeh the water creates as the sun goes down. Capture someone playing on the sand as the sun is low in the sky.

Head To The Market

In many towns, summer means farmer’s markets and farmer’s markets are loaded with summer photo ideas.

Head to the produce stands and work on your composition to make the fruits and vegetables look interesting. Use fill the frame to capture the texture and colors of the lemons and watermelons.

And nothing says summer more than ice cream. See how creative you can get with your shots at the ice cream stand. Capture them churning this summer treat or your family enjoying a scoop or two.

Experiment With Angles

One of my favorite summer photo ideas, and one that pushes you a bit more, is to try shooting from different angles, such as low to the ground or from above, to add interest and variety to your photos.

Is your family heading to the beach? Or a carnival? Think through how you can shoot from a less obvious angle for each shot.  

Lay down in the sand and shoot up on them. Get on the Ferris wheel and capture the park from above.

Incorporate Water

Water can add a refreshing element to your summer photos, whether a pool, lake, or ocean, and long summer days mean more opportunities to get a fun water photo.

Experiment with reflections and ripples to create unique compositions.

Capture your family and friends splashing in the water, fishing or canoeing, and don’t forget to catch those end-of-day, quiet shots when all is calm and reflective around the water.

Look For Patterns and Textures

Summer offers a wealth of interesting patterns and textures, from the sand on the beach to the leaves on the trees. Use these elements to add depth and interest to your photos.

The textures of the firewood used for your bonfire. Your seashells all lined up to create patterns. The opportunities to find patterns and textures in the summer are endless.

Play With Color 

Summer is a colorful season…blooming flowers, bright green trees, and bright, colorful outfits are abundant. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold, bright hues. Look for contrasting colors that will make your subject pop.

A bright swimsuit against the brilliant blue of a swimming pool. A fruity cocktail against the white sand of a beach. Brightly painted beach sheds, the possibilities to find color in the summer are everywhere.

Play With Black & White

Although you don’t necessarily think of black-and-white summer pictures, don’t rule out shooting some of your shots in black-and-white.

Black and white photos are perfect to draw attention to and add detail to your shots. 

Capture your little one’s toes in the sand and note the details of each grain of sand. Or photograph the details of seashells using black and white to add depth and dimension to your shot.

Black and white is timeless, ensuring your summer shots never look dated.

No matter what summer photo idea you choose, don’t forget to have fun. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, so don’t forget to have fun while you’re taking photos. This will help you capture the true essence of the season.

I hope these summer photo tips help you take some fantastic summer photos, and don’t forget to head over to the Learn Photography with Dena Facebook Group to share all of your summer shots.

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