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Learn Photography Community

The membership for aspiring photographers ready to take breath-taking photos with guidance and critique from a true expert.

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Gain the skills and the confidence to explore photography with the use of light, composition, and…

tell a story with every shot you take.

The Learn Photography Community is more than just learning how to take better photos; it’s a transformative experience that reshapes the way you see the world through your lens.

Members gain exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of resources including video tutorials, monthly live lessons, and personalized feedback sessions, all designed to enhance their skills and confidence behind the lens. The Learn Photography Community offers a vibrant and supportive community that fosters growth, creativity, and connection among photography enthusiasts of all levels.

Phase 1

Foundation Building

Master the basics of camera operations and photography principles.

Develop your photographic eye with exercises in composition and lighting.

Gain confidence in shooting in manual mode, giving you full creative control.

Phase 2

Technique Refinement

Explore and practice advanced photography techniques and styles.

Enhance your images with post-processing skills using software like Lightroom.

Begin to identify and develop your unique photographic style.

Phase 3

Creative Exploration & Expansion

Engage in creative exploration to push the boundaries of your photography.

Collaborate and network with peers to expand your perspective and opportunities.

Build a portfolio that showcases your unique style and skills.

What’s Included?

Benefit 1

Video Tutorials and Downloads

Unlock a library of comprehensive video tutorials and downloadable resources designed to build your photography foundation, step by step.

> Learn at your own pace with access to a wide range of tutorials covering various photography aspects.

> Practical resources help you apply new techniques and concepts.

> Continuously updated content keeps your learning journey fresh and relevant.

Benefit 2

Twice Monthly Constructive Feedback from Dena

Receive personalized, constructive feedback from Dena twice a month, helping you to identify areas for improvement and celebrate your progress.

> Personal growth through expert insights tailored to your work.

> Motivation boost from regular, encouraging feedback.

> Faster improvement as you apply tailored advice to your photography practice.

Benefit 3

Monthly Live Lesson

Participate in a live lesson with Dena each month, focusing on key photography skills, with real-time demonstrations and the opportunity to ask questions as you learn.

> Hands-on learning with live demonstrations of techniques.

> Interactive experience allows for immediate feedback and clarification.

> Build a strong foundation with lessons covering a wide range of topics.

Benefit 4

Monthly Live Q&A

Join Dena and fellow photography enthusiasts in a live, interactive Q&A session every month, where you can get your burning photography questions answered.

> Direct access to Dena’s expertise and advice.

> Learn from peers through shared questions and experiences.

> Community support in a live, engaging environment.

Benefit 5

Challenges to Improve Your Photography

Engage with regular challenges and receive actionable tips that encourage you to practice, experiment, and improve your photography in fun and interactive ways.

> Practical experience through curated challenges designed to test and improve your skills.

> Continuous learning from actionable tips that can be immediately applied to your work.

> Community engagement with fellow members participating in the same challenges.

Benefit 6

Network Opportunities

Unlock networking opportunities with a community of like-minded photography enthusiasts, enabling collaboration, sharing, and growth.

> Connect with peers who share your passion for photography.

> Opportunities for collaboration on projects or learning from each other’s experiences.

> Expand your professional network which can open doors to new opportunities and insights.

Benefit 7

First to Know on Upcoming Blogs, Podcasts, Product Discounts

Gain exclusive insider access to Dena’s latest photography insights and be the first to know about new blog posts, podcast episodes, and special product discounts before anyone else.

> Stay ahead with the latest photography trends and techniques.

> Exclusive discounts make investing in your photography more affordable.

> Never miss out on valuable content that can elevate your photography skills.

Benefit 8

Topic Bonuses Each Month

Each month, delve deeper into special photography topics, providing you with extra knowledge and techniques to enhance your photography skills.

> Expand your expertise in specific areas with focused content.

> Stay inspired with new ideas and approaches to photography.

> Enhance your skill set with advanced techniques and knowledge.

Join the

Learn Photography Community

The membership for aspiring photographers ready to take breath-taking photos with guidance and critique from a true expert.

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About Dena

I’m Dena, a natural light lifestyle photographer with 20+ years of experience capturing other people’s memories and teaching photographers how to understand and easily use their cameras…but I’ve been exactly where you are.

I have always had a creative side, and with the birth of my sons, I realized that photography was my outlet, but having an expensive camera didn’t mean I was a photographer.

It took me several years of frustration, many missed memories, and a dictionary of technical terms to learn photography, but when I did, I knew I had found my true passion and that I wanted to share that passion with other new photographers in an easy to follow, less frustrating way.

student experiences

Dena’s Beginners Photography Essentials Program, are well explained & easy bite size pieces anyone can learn photography. I am not a beginner, but felt like taking her courses to improve my photography & it’s improved my photography a great deal! The videos are short & reinforce the assignments. I recommend this well organized program to anyone that would like to better understand their camera & get them great photos they want!


As an artist and traveler, being able to capture special moments with my camera is important.  I purchased a camera and decided it was time to switch off the automatic settings and create great photos.  Dena was the absolute BEST teacher.  She made the process really fun, and the program was super easy to follow.  I highly recommend any course she offers.


Using light in your everyday photographs is not intuitive and the naked eye fools one into thinking that a particular setup will make a beautiful photograph. This had caused endless frustration for me in the past.  Dena’s advice and instruction “shed the light” on using light in my photos.  They included camera techniques as well as how to use natural and unnatural light to enhance your pictures.  Putting all of this knowledge into practice to improve how and when I take photographs.  I highly recommend this course, whether your goal is amateur or professional.


Dena’s lighting class is absolutely amazing.  I now fully understand how to take photos in natural light inside my home and have taken pictures of my children that I will treasure forever.  Her instructions are easy to understand-fully recommend!


Join the

Learn Photography Community

The membership for aspiring photographers ready to take breath-taking photos with guidance and critique from a true expert.

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Is this membership suitable for complete beginners?

Absolutely! This membership is designed with all skill levels in mind, especially beginners. With access to foundational video tutorials, downloads, and monthly live lessons, you’ll quickly move from novice to confident photographer, fully supported every step of the way.

What if I don’t have a professional camera yet?

No problem at all! While having a DSLR or mirrorless camera can enhance your learning experience, many of our members start with just their smartphones. Our membership focuses on teaching you the principles of good photography, which you can apply with any camera. Plus, you’ll receive advice on camera gear as your skills progress.

How much personal feedback can I really expect to receive?

You’ll receive personalized feedback from Dena twice a month, ensuring you have the guidance needed to refine your skills. This direct mentorship is a cornerstone of our membership, designed to provide you with actionable insights tailored to your progress and work. Plus, you’ll get one live lesson from Dena every month.

Are the monthly fees locked in, or will they increase as more content is added?

When you join Dena’s photography membership, your monthly fee is locked in for as long as you maintain your membership. This means that even as new content is added and the value of the membership increases, your fees will stay the same. You can cancel your membership at any time.

I’m worried I won’t have enough time to make the most out of the membership. Should I still join?

Our membership is built to be flexible and accommodate the varying schedules of our members. With 24/7 access to video tutorials, downloads, and the ability to participate in live sessions or watch the replays, you can learn at your own pace and on your own time. Plus, the diverse range of resources ensures there’s always something valuable for you, no matter how much time you have.

What makes this membership different from other photography courses available online?

What sets our community apart is the personalized, community-focused approach to learning photography. Unlike one-size-fits-all courses, our membership offers direct feedback, live interactions with Dena, and a supportive community environment. This holistic approach ensures you’re not just learning techniques but are truly transforming your photography through connection and continuous engagement.