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First of all I want to thank Dena for her awesome work. Not just on the course but everything. I really enjoy every part of the course. Everything is very well explained. When I first started Manual was a challenge for me now after taking Dena’s course everything makes sense and it’s easier for me now to understand how to get control of my camera. Now when I go outside to take pictures I know exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s been a lovely experience which I have enjoyed very much.


I really enjoyed this program because there were easy to follow steps. Dena was excellent. Fun to follow and I saw real progress in a short amount of time. I can highly recommend her.


Honestly Dena, I can’t thank you enough! You’ve helped me so much already and go out of your way to really help ☺️ best thing I’ve done yet is sign up for your course.


I was soooo uncertain about Manual Settings, but after The Essential Beginners course, and playing with Manual settings, I am hooked on Manual. I don’t think I will ever use AV or TV or Fv etc again. Thank you, Dena Barrie.


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