7 Best Photography Tutorials for Beginners

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I was going through all of the “Through the Lens” blog posts here at Images by Dena recently, and I realized just how large the library of photography tutorials, tips, and tricks has gotten here on the blog.

I’ve decided to put the best of the best all in one place for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to photography or just brushing up on your skills; take a minute and check out our top Through the Lens Blog Posts and best photography tutorials for beginners!

1. Photography Must-Haves

The first thing people ask me when they find out that I’m a photographer is, “what type of camera should I buy?” So the number one blog on the list today covers all of that! Wondering what camera to buy, what lens, or even what camera strap I have? Check out my “Photography Must-Haves” to help you get started with the right equipment.

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2. Camera Lenses Explained

Along the same lines of “What camera should I buy?” is the next most common question that I am asked…”What does this type of lens do?” Number two on my list of the best blog posts is “Camera Lenses Explained.” If you are wondering what lens to buy for portraits or what a macro lens is, you will find your answer here.

3. Getting the Photos You Want

Do you ever wonder why you aren’t getting the photos you want or think you should be getting? Then “3 Reasons You Are Not Getting the Photos You Want” is for you. This blog post talks about the three things that hold you back in your photography and even gives you a Quick Start Photography Guide.

4. Learn How to Get a Blurry Background in Photos with Aperture

Wondering how to get that blurry background that you see in photos? It’s all about your lens, and we dive into all of that in the “Aperture: How to Achieve a Blurry Background.” Not only do I talk about what aperture is, but I also give some guidelines on what Fstop to use when.

5. Embracing Winter Light in Photography

Are you wondering how to deal with winter light? In “How to Embrace Winter Light in Photography” I cover the tips to help you not only work with the light of winter but how to find it and embrace it!

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6. How to Use Natural Light Indoors

One more blog post that helps you utilize and LOVE light is “5 Steps to Amazing Photos Using Natural Light Indoors.” As you all know, I am a natural light photographer. I never use strobes, flashes, or lights. I only use natural light sources, and in this blog, I teach you how to find the light in your home~yes; it’s there!~ and how to work with that light, and even better, how to make that light work for you!

7. 5 Photography Projects

Last on our list of best photography tutorials really lets you put your new found knowledge to work! Who doesn’t want a photography project to push their creativity? “5 Photography Projects” gives you some great ideas to push you out of your comfort zone. Photography projects are great for that. If you feel like you need a project to keep you going, head over to my Facebook Group and join us for the Project 52, that’s going on now!

I hope this helps you on your photography journey, but if you feel that you want to learn how to use your camera and take better pictures even faster, join us in my Beginners Photography Essentials. You will see a difference in your photos in just the first week…I guarantee it! And, as always, you’ll be able to find great content and photography tutorials on the Through the Lens Blog to support you along your photography journey.

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I hope to see you inside!

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You have a great camera, but you still aren’t getting the photos you want — the photos that truly WOW you! My Photography Essentials Cheat Sheets will help you improve your photos in just minutes!