10 Examples Of A Blurry Background In Photography

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We talked about what you need to do to get a blurry background in your photos, and how aperture and depth of field help you to create a blurry background and bring the focus directly to your subject. Now let’s look at some beautiful examples of that buttery, blurry background effect.

The following are wonderful examples of beautiful blurry backgrounds, including some from my students!

A narrow focus, when everything around is blurred, can make a picture look dreamy. If it is a moving object, frozen in that moment and detached from its surroundings by the small focus, it can dramatically affect a picture….Berit K.

blurry background

Dena’s classes have been invaluable to me. If you’re on the fence about buying the classes, do it! Because of her mentoring and guidance, I now have a boudoir photography business and have been published in 4 magazines…Sheila B.

Blurry background

I love that I now know how to make a blurry background in my portraits. Thank you Images by DenaKaty J

Using depth of field and aperture in the photo above helps bring the viewer’s attention directly to the amaryllis.

I specifically used my aperture to create focus on the daisy. The background was unattractive and I knew that using a blurry background would put the focus on the flower…Christina B.

The blurry background effect was a concept I wanted to grasp. Without Dena’s class, it would have taken me a long time to understand the magic behind it. Her class helped me understand depth of field and how to find the sweet spot on your lens…Coleen F.

Dena’s classes have been so helpful for me. Learning how aperture and depth of field work together to create this beautiful blurry background has taken my photography to the next level. This photo will definitely be going on my wall…Susan C.

This is the perfect use of depth of field and aperture to put the focus on the front eggs.

I learned to use depth of field and aperture to take focus to the exact point that I want to in my photo…Lisa M

In the above shot, the viewer ensured that your eye went directly to the blossoms.

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