5 Photography Projects: How to Improve Your Photos

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I love a good project. Something to push me a little, something to get me to do what I tell my students to do… and have my camera in my hands every day! Skills are like a muscle. You have to work those muscles, or they become a bit week. A photography project helps you flex those muscles, and also inspires you…who doesn’t need to be inspired! Every photographer, whether just starting out or a seasoned pro, needs something to challenge them, so I’ve compiled a list of 5 photography projects to improve your photos! Pick one, stick with it, and have some fun!

5 photography projects to improve your photos
5 Photography Projects to Improve Your Photos

Photography Projects & Ideas

A 365-day photo challenge.   I’ll admit it…I have started and stopped a few 365-day photo challenges. Just look at my Facebook page and you will see that 365 days definitely seems a bit daunting to me. But it can do wonders for your photography! Remember, if you start a 365 project, give yourself a break. There are no rules. If you miss a day, it’s okay. Above all, you don’t want to create extra stress for yourself…you want it to be fun!

A 30 day or even a 52 photo challenge is much more my speed. A photo a day for 30 days or a picture once a week for a year to me is doable. Not as stressful, and you still see fantastic progress!

How about changing your perspective?  For one week, shoot a subject a day and shoot that subject from three different angles. This project makes you begin to look at things differently, how it pushes your photography. Shoot your subject using the fill the frame rule, from above, or below. Let your “perspective” lead you.  

5 photography projects to improve your photos
5 Photography Projects to Improve Your Photos

The ABC challenge. This is a fun photography project. Photograph something that begins with the letters of the alphabet, but don’t go for easy, for example…A-apple… push yourself and your creativity with this challenge.  

Focus on one lens. This is the one I am beginning…Choose one lens, for instance, a macro or a nifty-fifty, and focus on using that lens, and that lens only for a week, a month, or push yourself and use it for a full year!

5 photography projects to improve your photos
5 Photography Projects to Improve Your Photos

So what photography project will you choose? Will you use your camera or your smartphone? Choose one of these 5 photography projects to improve your photos…To sum it up, no matter what you decide, have fun, stick with it, and see what a difference it makes in your pictures!


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