Online Photo Classes Now Available!

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online photo classes images by dena

Wow, I can’t believe my dream of teaching online photo classes has become a reality!! 

A few months ago, I sat with my amazing marketing friend, Eva Wright, and she asked me to tell her my dreams. So I did, and I explained to her that I had all kinds of ideas in my head and I didn’t know how to make them come to fruition…Well, thank you, Eva!! Thank you for listening to me, making me question myself, and helping me find the direction that I wanted to take Images by Dena! I honestly couldn’t have made this happen without you. 

If you read the “about me” page of this site, you will know where Images by Dena all began and where it has gone over the years. I love taking photographs, and I love teaching people to take pictures. I love it when people see that they can take amazing photographs, and I love to see it, pun intended, “click” when someone gets it, and that is what’s led me to teach online photography classes. 

So this blog will be all about my amazing clients, cool photography techniques, photographs I’ve taken along the way, and a safe space for you to ask your photography questions and for me to provide support for you on your photographic journey! You’ll get all kinds of free info and tools to take your photography to the next level. I hope that you get on the waitlist for The Beginners Photography Essentials Program, follow along and enjoy all that Images by Dena has to offer!

 Hugs!!! Dena



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