The #1 Way My Student Haz Improved Her Photography

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Don’t you love a good before and after story? You know…where you can actually see huge differences? The ones where you see just how far someone has come, how she has improved her photography? It’s inspiring, isn’t it?

If you do, I have got a story that you will absolutely love! It’s all about one of my students, Haz and how she used The Beginners Photography Essentials Program and improved her photography.

This story will show you a few things… One that learning how to use your camera in a step-by-step way and with support will take your photos to the next level, and two, that you 100% can reach your photography goals!

So if you read this and decide that you want to be like Haz and reach your photography goals, then make sure to join the Beginners Photography Essentials Class TODAY!

Now, let’s meet Haz and hear how she improved her photography!

improved her photography

Can you introduce yourself and tell us where you are on your photographic journey?

Hi, I’m Haz Fairweather, a middle-aged mum of two grown-up children and grandmother to three and fourth on the way. I work full-time to pay the bills, but my happy time is spending time with my partner out and about with our cameras capturing life around us. I live in Scotland, where I have lived all my life.

I started my photographic journey 11 months ago, knowing absolutely nothing about photography with nothing more than my mobile phone! Now I’m working on my portfolio for submitting my work to art galleries and a few other places to display and sell my work!

How did you begin learning photography?

My photographic journey very nearly didn’t begin at all. I was previously an artist working with watercolours, but as time went on and babies came along, other powers forced me to give up my love for art. I spent weeks trolling Facebook groups, the Internet and YouTube looking for advice on what camera would be best for me to start with, as my love for taking photos with my phone had stagnated, and I felt they were not what I wanted to achieve.

I felt frustrated, tired and totally confused. Then by chance, a lovely lady commented on one of my posts to try The Beginners Photography Essentials class by Dena, as she had an excellent online course with as much help and support as I could ever ask for! That is the best advice I’ve ever been given for the start of my photography journey it has absolutely improved my photography!

When did you realize that you wanted or needed to learn more to take better photos?

I received my first camera for my birthday from my partner and was so excited to start using it, but I was completely lost when I took it out of the box. Wow, so many buttons. What does each one do? So I sat down with my manual, and again I was left confused and fed up. Where do I start was all I could think about? What settings do I use?

At that point, I decided that I needed help and guidance, so I committed to The Beginners Essential class. Happy days as the first button I learned was manual, so from there, my journey began, and I have never looked back or at YouTube ever again!

What is one thing you wished that you had learned earlier?

If there is one thing I wish I had learned earlier, it would have to be I could have started photography years ago. I wish I had known about Dena’s classes a lot sooner.

There is so much negativity, opinions, and false information on social media platforms that even spending an hour searching left me fed up, confused and on the verge of completely giving up on my photography journey.

How has your photography evolved or improved since taking the class?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have achieved these photos. Photography, for me, is an art, an emotion, the pictures to my soul. I’ve gone from taking snapshots (which I once thought were good) to take photos of things I would never have considered. I look at my work now, and it honestly brings tears to my eyes to think these are mine.

If it weren’t for being advised to try The Beginners Photography Essentials class, I would still be looking at my camera, wondering where do I start! Then being told my work is good enough to be hung in art galleries and the like has just totally blown me sideways. I have Dena, the group and my amazing partner to thank for all the help and support they have given me!

What is one thing you would say to photographers just starting out?

If I can give you just one piece of advice to help you start your photography journey, it’s to take the classes by Dena and follow them at your own pace, one step at a time. You won’t regret it. I promise!

I really want to thank Haz for taking time out of her busy schedule to share her amazing images and the inspiring story of how she improved her photography with us! If you are ready to understand your camera, focus and composition, and light and take your photos to the next, then make sure to sign up for The Beginners Photography Essentials Class!

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You have a great camera, but you still aren’t getting the photos you want — the photos that truly WOW you! My Photography Essentials Cheat Sheets will help you improve your photos in just minutes!