Let In The Light


Do you want to take the next step to get amazing photos in any light?

Let in the Light will teach you how professionals work with light, and how to make light work for you!


Imagine how you’ll feel when you…

Know how to take photos in any lighting situation –> even in your home on a cloudy day!

Understand the different lighting types –> and use that light to make your photos go from amazing to extraordinary.

Learn how to use catchlights and bokeh –> give your photos that WOW factor.

Utilize the golden hour to take magical photos –> capture your family, friends, or clients.

Have the confidence to take photos at any time –> no longer second-guessing any lighting situation you may face!

After seeing so many people struggle to learn how to locate the proper light and use it to create beautiful photos… I decided to put it all together for you in “Let in the Light.” A course that will help change your photography!

This step-by-step course will make it easy for you to learn how to take amazing photos in any lighting situation!

Stop wasting time searching Google or Youtube…Start taking better photos TODAY!




This easy-to-follow, step-by-step program will help you take incredible photos in any light. You can start creating the amazing photos you’ve been dreaming of! Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Let in the Light Essentials Course Preview

Video Tutorials & Course Materials

value $127

The short, under 15-minute, videos will walk you through catchlights, bokeh, types of light and using that light, in an easy-to-follow, understandable way.

One-on-One Coaching

value $57

Jump on a Zoom call with Dena to help you get crystal clear on how you can use what you’ve learned in Let in the Light to create your unique photography voice and style

5 Steps to Locating Light Workbook 

value $17

Wondering how to locate amazing light? With this 5 step plan, you will be able to find amazing light in your home at any time of day.

The Nighttime Photography Guide

value $27

Confused about what equipment you need and how to get great photos at night? The Nighttime Photography Guide will help you know just what equipment you need and what camera settings to use, when to use them to get great nighttime photos.

The Creating Bokeh Cheat Sheet

value $17

Wondering how to create beautiful bokeh in your photos? What lens to use? What aperture? The Creating Bokeh Cheat Sheet will help you decide what to do to get that background blur. Perfect bokeh right at your fingertips.

The Controlling Light Cheat Sheet 

value $17

This step-by-step guide will help you with your indoor and outdoor light setups, helping you decide just what steps to take to get the best shot every time. No more second-guessing. It is all laid out for you in the Controlling Light Cheat Sheet.


Immediate Access to the online classroom


Unlimited Access to all course materials

Total Value = $289

Today’s Special Price= $109

Hi, I’m Dena!

I was just like you when I started, and I know first-hand how frustrating it can be!

Understanding how to locate and work with natural light is overwhelming.

You’re trying to learn how to do it all, and it’s daunting, between searching YouTube for information and reading lengthy articles…

But the TRUTH is, when you’re new to photography, you don’t know what you don’t know – so all that time spent searching Google and YouTube could be the very thing keeping you stuck.

You’ll finally learn the secret to taking control of your sessions or capturing fantastic shots of your family, which will change everything. You’ll go from taking bland, unremarkable snapshots to creating beautiful photos that will have your friends and family begging you to take their photos!

But don’t just take my word for it… check out what others have to say!

The Let in the Light course taught me to take pictures inside without a flash. I never thought that was possible. I know can take photos all year long without worry.


Super easy to follow course that helped my pictures. The best part is that you can ask questions on the coaching call.


Let in the light


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a true beginner?

This is the perfect program for you. We will go over everything you need to do to get off of auto mode and start taking better photos immediately.

I don't have a lot of time. Do I need that for the course?

No…You don’t need a ton of time to tackle The Beginner’s Photography Essentials! I have broken the program down into short, easy, actionable videos and easy-to-follow materials that can be fit into any busy schedule!

Will I learn everything about photography?

This program will teach you the “essentials” to take better photos…it’s going to teach you techniques that will improve your photos TODAY!

If I don't improve, can I get a refund?

There is a seven-day money-back guarantee on the Beginner’s Photography Essentials program. Contact us for full details.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to the Beginner’s Photography Essentials materials. All videos, workbooks, and materials can be downloaded for you to keep.