How To Get Great Photos At The Beach

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Wonder How To Get Great Photos At The Beach?

Summer means long days at the beach. Playing in the sand and surf, building sandcastles and sunkissed noses. If you want to capture Instagram-worthy photos of your family enjoying the beach this summer, It’s not too late, and I’ve put together some great tips to help make sure that you get great photos at the beach!

Use The Light…

I ALWAYS say, “Shoot for light and not the location.” Shooting at the beach is no different. Now, obviously, you have a fantastic location, but you really have to consider the light when shooting at the beach. You are not only dealing with strong summer light but reflections from the sand and water. Shooting at “high noon” will be very difficult, so you may want to avoid that if possible. Starting early when the sun is rising can give you beautiful shots. Shooting at the golden hour is magical, and shooting on a slightly overcast day can be very helpful. Play with the summer light and have fun!

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings…

Pay attention to your surroundings. Another thing that I often say is, “clean up the clutter!” You want to do this at the beach as well. That being said…don’t steal your child’s bucket while he’s building his sandcastle, but if you have the chance, cleaning up the surroundings of your subject and making sure that what you see in the viewfinder is what you want in your photo will give it a more polished,
editorial-like feel.

Think Outside Of The Box…

Think outside of the sandbox. Look for those perfect spots away from the water. Are there piers at your lake or beach spot? Some beautiful beach canopies? A row of colorful umbrellas? Sand dunes that the kids can play on? Also, remember the details. Push your creativity to capture some great shots.

Patience Is Key…

Patience is key. You don’t want to ruin the day at the beach for your kids and family. Don’t have them pose, or direct them. Sit back and let the shots come naturally. I often bring a longer lens to the beach and just let them do their thing. I love the relaxed photos of them laughing, having fun, and not even realizing that they are having their photos taken. Just remember to be ready.

The Devil Is In The Details…

Pay attention to the details. Remember to get your horizons straight when shooting at the beach, and remember you can straighten slightly later in post-processing. However, a horizon running through someone’s head can not be fixed, so pay attention to your horizons.

Use these five tips to help you get great photos on your next beach vacation, and if you are ready to learn more about how to take great photos check out the Beginners Photography Essentials Program!



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