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I have a great case study for you this week…Haz Fairweather! Haz has taken three of the Beginners Essentials classes. Her photos have gone from snapshots to amazing photographs in a super short amount of time. Haz pushes herself, practices and her photos prove that.

Students like Haz are one of the reasons that I love to teach. I love teaching students to understand their cameras, learn how to understand focus and composition and grow in their photography! And, I love to share their stories and progress with you. Check out Haz’s story, her before and after photos and if you want to take the first step in getting amazing photos like Haz’s, check out the Beginners Photography Essentials Program you won’t regret it.

Before I bought the Beginners Photography Essentials Course, my frustration was that I knew absolutely nothing! I didn’t even know what kind of camera I needed. I knew I wanted to take up photography as I could no longer draw or paint due to a disability, but I had zero knowledge. My phone was my only photography tool, and even with that, pro-mode wasn’t making any sense to me either. So I bought the course and started using my phone until I bought my camera.

I would have bought the programme sooner had I known about it. Finally, someone on another site offered me proper help and advice instead of all the usual indecisive and sarcastic comments I had been getting for weeks.

I loved that the Beginners Photography Essentials Course was so easy to understand and follow and made me want to learn more. I would recommend this to anyone sitting on the fence about buying the programme because if I can do it, then anyone can. And that you can take your time, learning at your own pace along with the help and support of Dena in the student group, alongside other helpful and supportive students who are learning along with you at an affordable price. It’s the best decision you will ever make in your photography journey!

If I were to recommend Dena’s classes to my best friend, I would say do it! Join me on my journey, and we will learn together! I chose Dena’s classes over anything else as I could tell it was put together by someone professional and caring. I could sense Dena’s passion was to teach, and the price was affordable. No horrible YouTube videos – actual coursework I could learn from!!!

Three of the many benefits I have experienced from buying the Essentials programme are that I can easily understand the exposure triangle and how to set up my camera for the photo I want. How to take pictures in focus and with composition and how to take photos using natural light, which is fantastic!

My photography life before taking the classes was non-existent. I would point my phone and take snapshots. My eye would see what I wanted, but the photo came out awful. My life now that I have taken Dena’s classes has changed so much! The Beginners Photography Essentials Course was excellent. It has given me so much enjoyment in learning, a passion for photography and a way to express myself. I can’t wait to pick my camera up and take my next adventure! The results I have seen are astounding when I look at my photos now and before the classes.

I am still learning every time I pick my camera up, and I love that. What surprised me the most was how easy Dena makes you learn. I love all the challenges, and the group are so supportive and friendly to everyone. Most of all, I can take photos with meaning and express myself again!

Thank you so much, Dena!!

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Hi, I’m Dena, a natural light lifestyle photographer with 20+ years of experience capturing other people’s memories and teaching photographers how to understand and easily use their cameras.

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You have a great camera, but you still aren’t getting the photos you want — the photos that truly WOW you! My Photography Essentials Cheat Sheets will help you improve your photos in just minutes!