Know exactly what you need to do to start taking amazing photos…

This easy-to-follow program will help you learn to use your camera in manual mode and improve your photos in just 5 easy steps.


If you want to:

Take in-focus, amazing-looking photos

Feel confident taking your camera off auto mode

Proudly share your photos to friends and social media

Always know what camera settings are right for each situation

If you don’t want to:

Feel stuck and restricted by auto mode

Take photos where the colors appear wrong

Feel sick of looking at other people’s pictures and thinking… how did they do that?

Be confused trying to figure out which camera setting to use for what situation

If you’re nodding and saying, “that’s me!” to ANY or ALL of these questions, then you are in the right place!

You have the fancy camera all ready to go… you started to take a picture and then got stuck trying to figure out the settings…

The truth is that mastering your camera’s settings and capturing amazing photos feels complicated! But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

The #1 thing new photographers struggle with is…
finding the time to learn in the first place.

The #2 thing they struggle with is…
feeling overwhelmed because there is so much to learn and understand.

These are the exact reasons I have put together…
ALL of my best info in the Beginner’s Photography Essentials course.

This super-fast, easy-to-follow program loaded with proven techniques will help you start getting better photos in minutes!



Photography Essentials

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

The Photography Session Checklist

value $17

Do you worry that you aren’t prepared for your sessions? With the Photography Session Checklist, you have my step-by-step checklist on how to prepare every time!

The Metering Mode Cheat Sheet

value $17

The Metering Mode Cheat Sheet will help you understand metering modes enabling you to have the knowledge to choose the correct metering mode strengthening your photography skills even more.


Immediate Access to the online classroom


Unlimited Access to all course materials

Total Value = $161

Today’s Special Price= $39

Hi, I’m Dena!

I was just like you when I started, and I know first-hand how frustrating it can be!

“ISO, aperture, shutter speed & white balance…” it’s like learning a whole new language!

You’re trying to learn how to use your camera on your own, but it’s daunting, between searching YouTube for information and reading lengthy articles…

But the TRUTH is, when you’re new to photography, you don’t know what you don’t know – so all that time spent searching Google and YouTube could be the very thing that’s keeping you stuck.

You’ll finally learn the secret to taking control of your camera, and it will change everything. You’ll go from taking bland, unremarkable snapshots to creating beautiful photos that will have your friends and family begging you to take their photos!

But don’t just take my word for it… check out what others have to say!

Dena’s Beginners Photography Essentials Program, are well explained & easy bite size pieces anyone can learn photography. I am not a beginner, but felt like taking her courses to improve my photography & it’s improved my photography a great deal! The videos are short & reinforce the assignments. I recommend this well organized program to anyone that would like to better understand their camera & get them great photos they want!


As an artist and traveler, being able to capture special moments with my camera is important.  I purchased a camera and decided it was time to switch off the automatic settings and create great photos.  Dena was the absolute BEST teacher.  She made the process really fun, and the program was super easy to follow.  I highly recommend any course she offers.


Dena has tons of great tips and offered great support. She clearly is passionate about photography. She patiently explained what is second nature to her, yet was totally foreign to me. She completely took away the frustration I have previously felt when trying to use my manual settings on my own or via Youtube videos that blended me back into Auto mode. Doing this online tutorial also forced me to stick with it and spend time with my camera when before I would have given up. This was a great intro course, and I am looking forward to the next one!



Photography Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a true beginner?

This is the perfect program for you. We will go over everything you need to do to get off of auto mode and start taking better photos immediately.

I don't have a lot of time. Do I need that for the course?

No…You don’t need a ton of time to tackle The Beginner’s Photography Essentials! I have broken the program down into short, easy, actionable videos and easy-to-follow materials that can be fit into any busy schedule!

Will I learn everything about photography?

This program will teach you the “essentials” to take better photos…it’s going to teach you techniques that will improve your photos TODAY!

If I don't improve, can I get a refund?

There is a seven-day money-back guarantee on the Beginner’s Photography Essentials program. Contact us for full details.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to the Beginner’s Photography Essentials materials. All videos, workbooks, and materials can be downloaded for you to keep.