12 Memorable Back to School Photo Ideas for 2020

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Can you believe that the school year is about to begin again? It will more than likely be a bit different this year, but whether your child is remote learning or attending class in person, you still want to capture that first day, back to school photo, and you want to get the best photo by choosing the correct camera settings.

Here are some unique back to school photo ideas to switch up the traditional picture of holding a sign with the year or your child with their backpack.

Back to School Photo Tips

To get the most natural smiles from your kids, try chatting with them to get them to relax. I know the first day of school is often crazy, and pictures are usually the last thing on everyone’s mind, so you may want to capture these a few days in advance so that you don’t forget.  

Back to School Photo Ideas

Arrange This Year’s School Supplies: Books, Colored Pencils, Crayons

Lunch Box and Backpack by the Door

Your Child at a Desk

Crossing the Crosswalk

First Day of School Outfit

Siblings Lined Up with Backpacks

getting on the bus back to school

Shot Getting on the Bus

Frame Them Leaning out of a Window

Could you get in the shot with them? This will be a wonderful memory.  

grade sign back to school photo ideas

Buy an Inexpensive Grade Sign and Have Them Hold

Change the location. Have them sit on the edge of their bed, dressed and ready to go.

elementary graduation back to school photo ideas

Okay, get out your tissue for this one!! Have you little one wear a cap and gown or even buy a graduation and their year sign and have them hold this.

The most important thing to remember is to capture the moment and not get caught up in the perfect smile or the perfect back to school photo ideas.  You want to remember the first day of school, not the stress getting that perfect picture caused.  

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