frequently asked questions…

frequently asked questions…

How does this site work?

Images by Dena is a website selling online photography courses. All lessons and classes are taught in a personal and conversational way. The core focus is on teaching you to capture regular life, and enabling you to gain control of your camera, in a way that you can understand and move forward quickly. The amount of time spent on the course is up to you. You can spend a lot or a little time on the Beginners Photography Essentials course. It can be self-paced or you can go week by week. All that I ask of you is to have your camera in your hands as much as possible.

What exactly is Beginners Photography Essentials?

Beginners Photography Essentials is my signature online photography class for anyone who wants a STEP BY STEP SOLUTION to help them take control of their cameras and transform their photos from amateur to amazing.

Beginners Photography Essentials walks you through the entire process so you have the confidence to take photos in any situation without second-guessing yourself. Using the basics we’ll cover in Module 1, you should start to see improvement in your photos in the very first week of the course. Yes…you read that right! You will see an improvement in your photos in just the first week! All you need is a basic DSLR to be able to implement everything in this course. (You can even apply many of the principles taught in this course to the photos you take with your phone.)

What is included in the online photography courses?

Each course consists of a downloadable PDF files and video tutorials, and what’s great is that you will have lifetime access to all of the information in the course.

Covered in the DSLR Course ‑Beginners Photography Essentials

  • The exposure triangle and metering
  • Achieving tack-sharp focus
  • Rules of composition
  • How to tell your story through your photographs
  • How to make your photos go from snapshots to print-worthy pictures that you are proud to hang on your wall

Covered in the Let in the Light Essentials

  • Natural Light vs. Artificial Light and how to take control of both
  • Photographing using natural light inside of your home
  • Shooting in difficult indoor light
  • Photographing using outdoor light
  • Using light to tell your story
  • Creating amazing bokeh
How do i sign up?

Under the menu tab ‘Courses’ you can select the course you are interested in.

I can't log in!

Contact our support team at and we’ll get right back to you!

How do discount codes work?

Once you have chosen an online course and you click on the button “Enroll Now”, you will be guided through a signup process. When you enter your payment details, there is a field for a discount code. Once entered the amount will be taken off your total. 

How can I find a discount code?

Dena releases discount codes regularly on her social media pages as well as via email newsletter. The best way to acquire a discount code is to sign up to her mailing list (you will also get a free download) and to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.