3 Reasons I Choose Natural Light In Photography

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The word photo actually means “light”, and light is the most crucial factor in your photography. Before I get into why I choose natural light in photography vs artificial light, let’s break down the two light sources.

Natural Light in Photography

Natural light is simply: “the light from the sun.” It is available in most locations, and you can get stunning results in your photographs for no additional costs. You need to learn and understand light to get the best results in your photos and where you as the photographer should stand, and how to position your subject for the most flattering results.

Artificial Light in Photography

Artificial light is anything excluding natural light. It is “light produced by electric lamps.” It is easier to control than natural light but comes at a higher cost and requires more time and space. You need to learn how to use artificial lighting to create the best results as well.

The 5 Reasons I Choose Natural Light In Photography

#1 Cost

The number one reason I chose natural light in photography when I first started was that it was free. It’s everywhere, easy to locate, and it costs nothing. I had my camera and the sun, and I was good to go. Then I fell in love with natural light. I loved finding hidden pockets of light and experimenting with light and I loved my results.

I didn’t have to buy or transport expensive equipment, and I knew that I could utilize natural light in most situations that I would be shooting in. If I wanted to shoot outdoors, once I learned to find and shoot for the light, I had endless locations and times to shoot. If I was going to shoot inside, I knew that with the knowledge I had of natural light, no artificial light was needed. And, when I was ready to up my natural light game, I could at a minimal cost by adding reflectors or diffusers.

Natural Light in Photography

#2 Ease

The number two reason I chose natural light in photography was that natural light is simple. Let’s be honest; there is a lot to learn in photography. I remember feeling really overwhelmed; the settings on my camera, getting tack-sharp focus, composing the image, posing, and I knew that I could achieve extraordinary results with natural light…why throw in one more thing with all of the technical information of artificial light?

Using natural light means that you can focus on the subject. It’s just you, the camera, and whoever you are photographing—no need to load up equipment to move from location to location. Natural light gives you the freedom to chase your running toddler, get on the ground and watch them play, or capture an amazing sunset family beach shot.

#3 The Beauty

The number three reason that I choose natural light in photography is that it is simply gorgeous. The beauty of natural light can take your images to the next level and is hard to recreate with artificial light sources. The look of your photograph can change with the time of day, the type of light, and the angle you choose to use, creating any mood or style that you prefer.

Now you know the 3 Reasons I Choose Natural Light in Photography. Learning to understand light and learning to shoot for the light and not the location is key to creating amazing natural light photos! It’s an affordable way to take your photos to the next level. Check out The Beginners Photography Essentials Class if you are ready to embrace and learn more about natural light today!



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