10 Ways to Take Better Photos of Fireworks

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How to take photos of fireworks

How to Take Better Photos of Fireworks…

July 4th is not too far off!! The night America will light up the sky with fireworks, and if you’re like everyone else, you will be trying to capture those fantastic July 4th memories. I’ve put together some easy tips to help you capture those sometimes challenging firework photos. Do you want to make sure that you never miss out on those firework photos? It doesn’t matter whether it’s July 4th, the Festival of Lights, New Years, Guy Fawke’s Night, or Bastille Day, use the tips below and watch how much better your firework photos turn out!

  1. Use a tripod-this will help your camera remain steady. You are using longer shutter speeds when taking photos of fireworks, so steady is critical.

2. Use a remote shutter release. Keeping your hands off of the camera will guarantee camera shake.

3. Think ahead and frame your shot in your mind. Anticipate your shot before it happens to guarantee the best result.  

4. Shoot in manual mode-You can find out more about shooting in manual mode here!

5. Do not use your flash. Shooting with your camera flash will have zero impact on your photo and will only confuse your camera.

5. Use a low ISO-avoid grainy photo by using a lower ISO. 100 is excellent.

6. Start with a mid-range aperture. F8-F16 is an excellent range, and F11 is a great starting point, and adjust from there.

7. And for shutter speed, this is why you use a tripod. Start at 2-5 seconds. Of course, you can adjust if needed, but this is a good starting point.

8. Remember that you will need to adjust your settings as the night gets darker.

9. Tell the whole story. Tell the story of what’s happening around you—people watching the fireworks, your family and friends, and the environment.  

10. And lastly, shoot multiple shots. Remember to shoot more than you think you need. The more photos you shoot, the better your chance of getting the picture that you want.  

Use these tips and instantly take better photos of fireworks!

Have fun, stay safe, happy snapping, and Happy 4th of July!

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